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Vincent Jouett

Senior Account Manager

Vincent was born in Ocean Beach, Calif. but was raised in Mira Mesa. He had lived in San Diego county his whole life with his older brother and sister. Growing up, he was an avid YuGioh player and a bowler, where he was most proud that he bowled 15 strikes in a row. Besides bowling, Vincent has always been a big fanatic of sports and especially of the Raiders; he continues to keep up with them. Outside of the office, he plays in a basketball league to challenge his own ability to work in a team enviroment that constantly pushes himself to get better. 

Being able to utilized his sports-minded abilites, Vincent is most excited to be in a work enviroment that has been cultivated specifically for high performers. He moved up to Sacramento to join RainMasters, Inc. to sharpen his skill sets in sales and account managment to set the pace for the organization. 

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