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Tan Nguyen 

Senior Account Manager
Tan Nguyen.jpg
Where did you grow up originally?


Where did you attend college?

University of Santa Barbara

What did you study?

Major in Communication with Psychology minor

What brought you to this company?

It is common knowledge that sales is the best place to start on the journey to entrepreneurship therefore after college, I looked toward direct sales position hoping to develop my skills in face-to-face communication and my capacity as a professional. Before joining Rainmasters, I was working independently as a motorcycle restorer, selling old motorcycles I was able to rebuild. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Rainmasters whose promotion structure gives me the opportunity to learn much more beyond what I had in mind

What are you most excited about working with this company?

I love the endless opportunities and diversity the company have. There are many people with many different backgrounds that it’s amazing to see everyone working under the same roof and developing a welcoming culture. We also love to be competitive and challenge each other to grow toward the best version of ourselves not only professionally but also as individuals

What are you interested in outside of work?

I enjoy working on motorcycles and sometimes designing them. Growing up I love to play soccer and played competitively in high school. I also enjoy watching a good basketball game over some beers with my friends. Literature is my favorite subject. One of my blessings is being able to lose myself in a book just about anywhere I go, whether it’s the mall with kids running around or the kitchen with my father cooking. I can’t rap, but I like to write a mean verse when I’m mad, then tear it up.

Any past experiences/accomplishments you could potentially highlight in your bio?

During my time at UC Santa Barbara, I and my friends took a class in advertising and got together for a project that involved organizing an advertising firm campaigning for the local homeless shelter. We would visit the shelter, having interviews with whoever stayed the night, then posted their stories on social media and set up a gofundme account for the homeless center. Although our score was only measured by the search engine analytics, we ended up raising $200 for the homeless center!

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