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Krishna Patel

CEO of RainMasters, Inc. 

Krishna was born in Daytona Beach, Florida. Growing up, he and his family were constantly traveling, as his parents both immigrated to America from India and had a very adventurous outlook on life. The time spent together and all of the things he learned by being immersed with new cultures really solidified his bond with his parents, and they instilled amazing values within him starting at a very young age.


After spending various amounts of time living and traveling all around America and India, his parents finally made the decision to move out to California and build a future together. Krishna's childhood consisted of lots of physical activity and constant learning, as he was always very curious about his surroundings. He played tennis and basketball competitively and found himself playing on the Boy's Varsity Tennis team for all four years of his tenure at Long Beach Poly High School, where he got an opportunity to build his leadership skills and learn how to work as part of a high-performing team.


Krishna always did well in school, however, as high school came to an end, he was still unsure of what he wanted to accomplish in the real world. He decided to attend city college until he was confident about the career path he wanted to pursue. After bouncing back and forth between majors and starting his own business as a photographer, which was Krishna's true passion at the time, he decided to join the workforce for an entire summer before returning back to school.


He started work at a consulting firm in San Diego, Calif, and he instantly knew he was in the right place. Although he got off to a rocky start, as he had very minimal experience in the professional business setting, he made a commitment to keep his head down and continue to work towards bettering himself in all aspects of his life. This determination helped him improve his skill sets exponentially, and he was soon rated as a top sales representative amongst everyone working in the same field in the whole country. This level of success helped Krishna realize his true potential, and this was when he committed to growing the business and spreading the opportunity, in order to help others achieve greatness for themselves.


After proving his competencies, Krishna has now launched his own company, RainMasters, Inc. in Sacramento, Calif. He thrives due to the levels of support, purpose, and drive, that this work environment cultivates and feels that the culture created is second-to-none.

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