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Darius Geater

Senior Account Manager

Darius grew up in Southern California, in the city of Moreno Valley. After playing football for a few years, he decided to move to San Diego, which is where he met and started working with Krishna (CEO of RainMasters, Inc). After learning some of the best practices towards overall success in business and life, he began to use his time very intentionally towards self-improvement and adding value to other individuals. He thrived in the leadership role he was promoted to and continued to seek new opportunities for himself and to build and develop others. After being presented with an opportunity to help expand the organization he's a part of, Darius chose to move to Sacramento and help launch RainMasters, Inc. from the ground up. Darius has loved his time working at RainMasters, Inc. primarily due to the fact that he's able to find growth in each and every moment spent towards his future.


In his personal life, Darius enjoys hiking and hanging out with his closest friends and family members, playing sports such as basketball and football, and growing his mindset and skillsets in order to be able to achieve all of his long term goals.

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